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  • Attach required documents

    1. Copy of passport.
    2. Two photographs of account holder/s.
    3. Signatures to be verified by Indian embassy/known bankers.
    4. Full particulars as provided in the application form including nomination.
    5. Remittance should be in foreign currency.
      (Please note to give overseas and local addresses, contact phone/fax numbers, email address etc…)
      NRI's can open an account by Inward remittances in any convertible currency from abroad by way of
      • Demand drafts
      • SWIFT
      • Star Insta-Remit
      • Speed Remittance
    6. All documents should be duly attested and verified by known bankers / Indian Embassy

      Note: Account may be verified by present banker or by Embassy Officials abroad. Copies of important pages of passport (containing name, signature, birth-date, place/ date of issue, expiry date etc) duly authenticated by Notary Public/ Officials of Indian Embassy. Two passport size photographs with signatures on reverse Remittance for opening an account.

  • Submit to your nearest branch

    For more details, please contact our nearest NRI branch

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