Domestic Travel Insurance Scheme

Salient Features

  • The individual account holder is covered under the policy.
  • The coverage is for a period of one year and up to the specified limits of sum insured.
  • This policy covers the individual Under Three Sections:

    Section I : Personal Accident ( Rail/Road)

    Section II : Hospitalisation Expenses in case of Rai l/ Road Accident.

    Section III : Loss of Accompanied Baggage.

Very Low Premium ( for Bank of India customers)


Suitable for daily commuters to cover the risk factor at very low premium

UNDER SECTION I - Personal Accident (Rail / Road)


If at any time during the currency of this policy the Insured shall, whilst travelling as a bona fide passenger within the geographical limits of India in passenger carrying vehicle used for hire or reward, or, Indian Railways / Metro train, sustain any bodily injury, in an external, violent and visible means / way, resulting solely and directly from accident caused to the aforesaid passenger carrying vehicle or Indian Railways / Metro train, then the Company shall pay in case of :

  • Death-100% of Capital Sum Insured ,ie,Rs.1 Lac.
  • Permanent Total Disability-100% of Capital Sum Insured,ie,Rs.1 Lac.
  • Loss of One Limb or One Eye-50% of Capital Sum Insured,ie,Rs.50,000/-

UNDER SECTION II - Hospitalisation Expenses in case of Rail / Road Accident :

If such injury results in hospitalisation of the insured in any registered hospital or nursing home, actual expenses incurred for treatment of such injury in the hospital-nursing home as an in-patient up to a limit of Rs 1 lac will be reimbursed by the company.

UNDER SECTION III - Loss of Accompanied Baggage :

In order to protect the interest of the student and their parents, an optional life insurance scheme at very competitive rates is available where the premium is also funded as a component of loan.

The insurance cover will be for the duration of course + moratorium + repayment period.

In the event of untoward incident involving the student or the parent, the insurance company will repay the outstanding loan amount to the Bank.

If there is any surplus, the amount will be paid to the nominee.

- Age Band: 18-65 years.

- Basic Premium: Rs.56.00
- Plus Service Tax @ 12.36% : Rs.6.92
- Gross Premium: Rs.62.92 rounded off to Rs.63.00

Major Exclusions under the policy

  • Any claim in case of travel as a non-bonafide passenger.
  • Any claim, if aforesaid passenger carrying vehicle or Indian Railways / Metro train does not meet with accident.
  • Compensation in connection with or attributable to pre-existing disability or condition or aggravation of an existing physical / medical condition of the Insured.
  • Compensation for treatment of injuries not directly related to the accident.
  • Accident during air & water travel or personal road transport.
  • Consequential Loss or legal liability of any kind.
  • loss of or damage to money, securities, manuscripts, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, credit cards /debit cards / ATM cards, stock or share certificates, stamps, business books or documents, jewellery, watches, furs, precious metals, precious stones, gold and silver ornaments, travel tickets, Exchequer (including travellers cheques) and bank drafts.
  • Loss of or damage to articles which did not form part of the contents of any of the packages when the journey commenced, unless specifically declared and accepted by the Company.
  • Loss, destruction of or damage to articles of consumable and of perishable nature.
  • In case of any claim under the policy, Bank will not undertake any responsibility or will not accept any correspondence and the same shall be pursued with NICL.