Star Micro Food Processing Enterprises Scheme


  • Financial support to individual and group of micro enterprise for upgaration of units.
  • Support to individual SHG member as a single unit of food processing industry.
  • Support for capital investment to SHGS/ FPOs/Co-operatives.
  • Support for common infrastructure to SHGS/ FPOs/Co-operatives.
  • Support for Marketing and branding to groups of SHGS/ FPOs/Co-operatives or SPV of micro food processing enterprises.


Individual, micro enterprise, SHGs/FPOs/Co-operatives/ based on products identified under One District One Product.

Quantum of finance

Need based subject to technical and economic viability of the project.



The facilities should be secured by way of first charge on the assets created out of our bank finance.

Collateral –

Eligible activities with credit limit of upto Rs.10.00 lakhs will be covered under MUDRA.

Eligible activities with credit limit of upto Rs.2.00 crore will be covered under CGTMSE.


Minimum 10% .


Term Loan:

Maximum period of 10 years (Including moratorium)

Working Capital:

On demand subject to annual review.

Rate of interest

Interest Rates as decided by the Bank from time to time.

Capital Subsidy

Capital Subsidy @35% with credit linkage for capital investment with maximum limit of Rs.10.00 lakhs is available under the PMFME scheme Central Govt. Subject to the terms & conditions applicable to the scheme.

*For further details please contact to nearest branch