Target Customers(Eligibility)

Regular pensioners or family pensioners drawing regular monthly pension through the branch.

Retired employees (other than dismissed/compulsorily retired)

Type of Advance

Demand Loan/Term Loan/Overdraft (reducible as per repayment schedule)

Quantum of Advance DL/TL/OD (reducible as per repayment schedule) Overdraft [Pensioner' Credit Card holder not eligible]

Where PPO is held with Nagpur Govt. Business Branch (Max. Rs. 10 lacs)

Pension directly received at Branch from Treasury /DPDO (Max. Rs. 5 lacs)

Family pensioner who is getting pension through Treasury/ Defence Pension Disbursing Office (Max. Rs. 3 lacs)


15 months of net pension (Gross Income less Income Tax and EMI of other loan, if any)


20 months of net pension


[Proponent/borrower may be sanctioned more than one loan (i.e. two accounts – one for secured and other for unsecured/clean loan) under the scheme, depending upon eligibility].

Net take home Pension

The net take home pension after deduction of loan instalment should be at least 40% of the pension amount

Rate of Interest

RBI format ROI