• To meet the credit needs of trade, commercial activity, other general business/profession, as also for their bona fide requirements;
  • To meet educational expenses of family members including near relatives
  • To undertake repairs/renovation/extension to the residential/commercial property;
  • To purchase / construct residential house/flat, purchase of plot of land for construction of house/ premises for business/commercial use *;
  • For Repayment of existing loans availed from other Banks / FI’s conforming to the extant guidelines regarding “takeover” of account. 


  • Suitable declaration to be submitted by the applicant regarding the purpose.
  • The facility not extended for speculative purposes including investing in equities;
  • The facility is not extended to builders/developers/promoters/real estate agents for real estate activities such as purchase of land/construction with intent to sell or holding real estate stock for sale / re-sale purposes.
  • *Advance for purpose (d) above to be based on mortgage of property already owned by the proponent. 

Eligible Customers

People engaged in trade, commerce and business, professionals, self-employed, individuals with high net worth, salaried people, Proprietary firms, Partnership firms, Companies (Pvt. /Public Ltd.,) HUFs (excluding partnership firms where HUF is a partner), Societies, Staff members, NRIs- subject to compliance of Bank’s/RBI guidelines.

INELIGIBLE PERSONS: NBFC, Trust and Partnership firm where HUF is a partner are not eligible for advances under this scheme.

Advances to individuals: maximum age limit

  • Individuals in permanent service max. 60 years.
  • For Proprietary concerns/Self Employed/non-salaried people – Maximum -70 Years

(Age limit is the maximum age at the end of the repayment Period);

Rate of Interest

Particulars Rate of interest
Loan/ Overdraft Reducible (Monthly Reducible Limit) 1 Year MCLR +2.00%


Type of advance

Demand/Term Loan , Overdraft (Reducible/Non-Reducible)

Quantum of advance

The quantum of advance to be related to the value of security, margin requirement , take home pay and repayment capacity of the proponent , subject to limits as under :-

  Demand/Term Loan Overdraft
Individual-Salaried/ Self-employed/ Professionals 500 200 NIL
Doctor/s- in case of joint accounts all to be doctors 500 500 NIL
Others i.e. Proprietorship/ Partnership Firm/Company etc. 500 500 500