A single window credit assistance to the farmers for their cultivation and other working capital needs for next five years as under:

  • To meet the short term credit requirements for cultivation of crops
  • Post harvest expenses
  • Consumption requirements of farmer household
  • Working capital for maintenance of farm assets and activities allied to agriculture like dairy animals, inland fishery, etc.
  • Investment credit requirement for agriculture and allied activities like pump sets, sprayers, dairy animals etc.


  • All farmers-individual/ joint borrowers who are owner cultivators
  • Tenant farmers, oral lessees and share croppers
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) of farmers including tenant farmers, share croppers, etc.

Quantum of finance

Quantum of finance under the schemeto a farmer is determined based on Cropping pattern, Extent of cultivation of each crop andScale of financed fixed for the crops.


Upto Rs.1.60 lakh –

- Hypo. of standing crops

Above Rs.1.60 lakh –

- Hypo. of standing crops

- Mortgage of land/ Collateral Security