Door Step Banking

Door Step Banking

Door Step Banking is one of the key action points of the roadmap for banking reforms under the EASE (Enhanced Access & Service Excellence) Reforms brought out by the Department of Financial Services. PSB Alliance Door Step Banking Service is a facility introduced in this regard to cater to both financial & non-financial banking needs of the customers of all Banks under a single umbrella.

Bank of India is one of the member Banks under the PSB Alliance Doorstep Banking Service initiative to implement the Doorstep Banking Services through Authorized agencies for all the customers.

Services under PSB Alliance Doorstep Banking Service

Account holders can book the desired service out of below mentioned services

NON FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS (Live for First Phase of Launch)

  • Pick up of negotiable instruments (cheque/draft/pay order etc.)
  • Request account statement
  • Pick up new cheque book requisition slip
  • Pay order, term deposit receipt, acknowledgement etc.
  • Acceptance of 15G/15H forms
  • TDS/form 16 certificate issuance
  • Delivery of pre-paid instrument/gift card
  • Issuing standing instructions

FINANCIAL TRANSACTION (Implementation under Process)

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal


  • Customer can get herself/ himself registered through either of 3 channels i.e. Mobile App/ Web Portal/ Call Center.
  • Once the agent arrives at Door Step of the Customer, he will proceed for document handover to DSB Agent only after the Service Code matches with the one available with the agent. Customer will have "Pay in Slip" duly filled/ completed and signed in all respect (containing details of instrument/s to be submitted).
  • Post this he/ she will hand over the instrument to agents, which agent shall put in designated Envelope and seal before customer. Agent is expected to cross tally instrument detail with the information available in their App and accept only if it tallies.
  • Multiple instruments can be picked by an agent for single pick up request. However, different instrument types cannot be clubbed for a single request ID.


  • Bank has engaged Ms.Atyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & M/s Integra Microsystem P Ltd, as Service Providers to provide “Door Step Banking through Universal Touch Points” facility to customer(s) of Bank in 100 Specified centres within the norms stipulated by Bank / Reserve Bank of India.
  • Door Step Banking Agents engaged by Ms Atyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd shall cover 60 Centres whereas those engaged by M/s Integra Microsystem Pvt. Ltd shall cover remaining 40 Centres across India.
  • Bank has identified 1432 branches which cover the 100 Centers are attached by IBA for Launch of the PSB Alliance Doorstep Banking. Bank will implement and roll out the PSB Doorstep Banking service in these 1432 branches during the first phase of the Launch.
  • Toll free numbers was 1800 121 37 21 / 1800 103 71 88
  • The customer services will be provided through 1.Mobile App, 2.Web based & 3.Call centre.

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