Corporate Internet Banking – FAQs


Is there any facility for making transaction in Maker Checker manner present in Internet Banking?

Yes, you need to define the Role / hierarchy in Point no 6 & Workflow rules in Point No 8. For example -

Map the Corporate User’s Role to their Hierarchy.

Sr No Hierarchy Role Designation
1 1 H1 Sr Manager
2 2 H2 Manager
3 3 H3 Officer

(Please refer to page 3, section 6 – Role & Hierarchy, of the Corporate IB Request Form)
Mention the Workflow Rule.

S. No. Transaction Type* From
  To (Rs.)   Workflow Rule
1. A,B,C,D,E,F 1 500000 1 H3 + 1H2
2. A,B,C,D,E,F 1 500000 2H3
3. A,B,C,D,E,F 1 500000 1H2+1H1
4. A,B,C,D,E,F 500001 5000000 2H2
5. A,B,C,D,E,F 500001 5000000 2 H1
6. A,B,C,D,E,F 5000001 10000000 1H2+2H1

(Please refer to page 4, section 8 –Workflow Rules, of the Corporate IB Request Form)

I am operating the A/cs Jointly. Can I be issued Internet Banking to one user with fund transfer facility?

No. If mode of operation is jointly, the Role & hierarchy (Point no 6 page no 3) & Workflow Rule (Page no 4 point no 8) is mandatory. The transaction can be done in maker –checker manner only.

Can Funds transfer facility be extended in Partnership /Company A/cs?

Yes, Funds Transfer facility can be extended in Partnership /Company accounts, but the facility shall be extended in our Corporate Internet Banking

What if I have blocked my password by making three incorrect attempts?

If you remember your Password, please submit the request for Unblock to the branch. If you want new password, please submit the request for Regeneration to the branch. The request form for unblock / Regeneration is already available at Branches / Corporate Internet Banking Login page.

What if I get “Invalid Login Id and Password”?

The message means either of the following –
The User ID/ Login Password being given is wrong. OR
Your, User ID have been temporarily disabled due to 3successive wrong attempts. Please contact your Bank of India Branch or Call our Customer Care No - 1800 220 229.

What if I have not received my User Id and Password?

Please contact your Bank of India Branch or Call our Customer Care No - 1800 220 229.

What is the Difference between Login Password and Transaction Password?

Login password helps you to enter into the Application (expiry period – 2 yrs)
Transaction password helps you to make Funds transfer (expiry period – 180 days)

I have received Login password but not Transaction Password?

For security reasons, Login and Transaction Password are sent through Speed Post; therefore they may not reach at the same time but after a time gap. The reason may be that you had selected only View facility.

I have received Login Password but not my User id?

Please contact your Bank of India Branch and get the User ID.

A message “No records for approval” appears whenever I log in ?

For corporate clients we have a multi-level approval process as per the rules, defined for each corporate. ‘No records for approval’ implies that there are no pending records that are to be approved.

The application does not accept my password change request?

Internet banking application is supported by Java components, which if not installed does not allow changing the password.

How to check whether the DGFT Payment made by the customer is successful or not?

Please contact your Branch or check the status of the transaction in DGFT Website.

Is there any facility for File upload for transferring fund in IntraBank as well as Interbank available in Internet Banking?

Yes, this facility is available for corporate Customer only. The facility for file upload Intrabank Fund transfer are - Salary Upload, Vendor Credit, Dealer Debit, Upload of Credit and Debit Transactions. For Interbank Fund transfer, RTGS/NEFT bulk upload facility is provided to corporate customer.

How can I make Online e Payments ?

You need to initiate the payment by visiting to the biller’s site.