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Cash Management Services

Bank of India has specialized products for Corporates and High Networth Individual customers as under:

1. Cheque Collections PAN India

This product offers fastest Cheque collection services Pan India at all our 4900+ branches through local clearing. Pooled credit is passed on to the client at the preferred location/s which is essential for efficient management of available resources. Assured Credit and Various Pooling options are available as under:
  1. Instant Credit –Day ‘0’( Date of Deposit of instruments)
  2. Credit at-Day-‘1’(date of RBI/SBI clearing)
  3. Credit at Day-‘2’ ( on realization)

Vast Branch network supports Corporates at almost all their possible locations Supported by STRONG/Customized MIS.

Customer Benefits:
  1. Lower Borrowing Costs: Our collection services enable the customer to receive funds in the customer concentration account with the bank with the minimum transit time thereby reducing interest cost and hence the cost of borrowing.
  2. Improved liquidity Position: Quick realization results in improve liquidity position thereby improving bottom line and financial ratios.
  3. Better Accounting and reconciliations: Detailed information on cheques deposited is made available on daily/weekly basis/periodically thus simplifying accounting, reconciliation and query resolution. BOISTARCMS can also provide customized MIS as per the customer requirement.
  4. A centralized operation provides a dedicated service to ensure that the customer queries are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  5. The Customer Portal provided to the corporate enables them to view online, real-time movement of cheques/data; download data/reports centrally.

1a. Direct Debit Collections:

We provide centralized collections to the Corporates debiting accounts of Bank of India customers and crediting Corporate collection accounts on T+0 basis. This facility is provided for cheques as well as mandate based collections. It is a facility of choice to Corporates, NBFCs in particular wherein same day utilizable credit is available to them which is further supported by customized MIS.

Here Corporates/NBFCs receive direct debit mandates from Bank of India customers for various purposes such as repayment of EMIs of loans /periodical SIPs for investment etc. These mandates are registered centrally with Bank of India and on due dates, transaction file is centrally run and the collected fund is instantly credited to Corporate’s designated account with Bank of India alongwith desired MIS to the Corporate.
It is a hassle-free mode of collection where fund is available to Corporate immediately after collection with customized MIS.

1b. NACH Collections:

We provide mandate based collections to the Corporates on centralized NACH (National Automated Clearing House) platform; which is hassle free. ACH Debit Mandates given by the customers of the corporates drawn on any bank are uploaded on NACH platform; these mandates travel electronically to the destination bank for approval and registration which is needed to be done within specific time frame. Thereafter the transactions files are uploaded at desired frequency electronically on NACH platform and funds are collected seamlessly on due date. It is supported by customized MIS.
It centrally handles collections from customers of any bank across any location with no issue of reconciliation as detailed MIS is provided.

2. Bulk Remittances – NEFT/RTGS

Bank of India caters the Bulk payment needs of Individual as well as corporates through state of the art latest technology adopted by us through which customers can transfer funds to any Beneficiary/ group of beneficiaries maintaining an account /accounts in any Bank within the country using secured file upload / download facility.
Using the front end Internet portal; corporates can:
  1. Initiate transactions by uploading file.
  2. Download MIS and other reports.
  3. Do file status tracking.

3. Bulk Remittances: NACH-CREDIT

Used for affording credit to a large number of beneficiaries across any bank Pan India. Credit is given on the day of transaction itself, with MIS to the Corporate.
There is a Secured web access & secured transaction file upload / download facility.
Simplified Registration
MICR settlement
Use of international formats & standards
Day T-1 (T minus 1 day) Uploading of data files.

4. Dividend Payments:

Execution of the payments on due date is the essence of Dividend Payment.
We ensure this employing technology and using various modes of remittance as required by the Corporate/s such as RTGS/NEFT/NACH-Credit/Demand Drafts/Dividend Warrants.
Periodical reconciliation statement is ensured as per the need of the Corporate/s.


Present day scenario in Banking has undergone tremendous change and the stress is on availability of banking facilities at customer’s doorstep. With this in mind, Bank of India has started providing Door Step Banking facilities to its premium clients.
Services provided:
  • Cash Pick / Delivery on Daily/Call basis
  • Cheque pick up
  • Delivery of DD/Pay-order
  • For customers who register for cash pick up on daily basis, cheque pick up/draft delivery would be done initially without any charges.
  • Pick up on call basis: Registered customers to call branch minimum 24 hours in advance and inform quantum and time of pick up. Branch would then tie up for pick up with the vendor (service provider).

Maximum Limit:
• For pick up – Rs.100.00 lakhs per day per location.
• For delivery – Rs.50.00 lakhs per day per location.

Corporates needing cash pick-up daily at various locations simultaneously would get customized MIS for reconciliation.

7. E- Stamping Services
Bank of India is pleased to introduce the business of E-Stamping i.e. E-Vending of Stamps across our various branches PAN India, under tie-up with Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL).
Bank of India is authorized for providing services of e-Stamping for collection and payment of stamp duty in the country.
Benefits to the Clients /Customers compared to existing traditional method of Stamp Duty payment:
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As part of FATCA/CRS requirements, all customers are requested to submit Declaration Form (For Individuals) / Declaration Form (For Entities) click to download with supporting documents to their Parent Branch immediately. Non-Compliance with this requirement may lead to freezing or closure of account as per guidelines.

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