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Product details
This is a Domestic Term Deposit Product wherein Depositor gets differential rate of interest over normal Term Deposit's rate for deposits over Rs 15 lacs but less than Rs.10 crores

The product shall be available at all domestic branches.

Applicable Scheme
Non-Callable Deposit Scheme shall be available for all Domestic Term Deposit Schemes except, Recurring Deposits & FFD schemes.

Deposit Amount
Over Rs 15 lacs but less than Rs.10 crores

Rate of Interest -
At present, 10 bps higher rate of interest than the normal rate, as per the category of depositors, i.e. Staff /Ex-Staff/Senior Citizens/Ex Staff Senior Citizens, etc.

1 year & above up to 5 years

Premature withdrawal
Premature withdrawal of these deposits is not allowed.

Nomination facility
Nomination facility will be available.

Tax Deduction at Source
TDS will be deducted as per rules.

Auto Renewal facility
Deposits shall be renewed automatically at the rate of interest applicable as on the date of maturity, only if such instruction is given by the depositor at time of opening the account. (Please note that if the maturity value exceeds Rs.10 Crs, customer has to visit the Branch for renewal of the deposit.)

In the absence of any renewal instructions, the deposits will be credited to depositor's operative account on maturity.

Other Terms and conditions
Eligibility norms and all other instructions applicable to 'Fixed Deposits' will apply mutatis mutandis to these deposits

Account opening form for Non-Callable Deposits